By popular demand, Storybrooke is now offering a variety of Buyers' Assistance services!


     Don't have the funds to pay a trainer a full service commission but still want assistance in deciding what horse is the best fit for you? Are you an experienced equestrian who just wants another set of eyes to evaluate that next prospect? Is your trainer too busy to help you in your search?


     Regardless of your experience level, let Storybrooke's meticulous and astute eye help you decide on your next equine partner. We look forward to it!

Buyer Assistance Packages

Digital evaluation Services: Clients submit video and pictures via e-mail for evaluation of conformation, soundness, suitability, Movement, expression, and competitiveness. Veterinary records, radiographs, ultrasounds, etc. may also be submitted. Written evaluations will be e-mailed to the client within 3 business days from the date of submission. Video submission to be limited to those which do not exceed ten minutes in length.

$20/horse, up to 5 videos

$125 for up to 10 horses, up to 5 videos per horse

$275 for unlimited evaluations, includes assistance in your search by connecting with our vast network of professionals across the country to find the perfect match.


Broker Directory: Directory comprised of brokers across the United States who have proven themselves to be reputable and knowledgeable. Whether you’re looking for your next Grand Prix jumper or laid back trail horse, this list will guide you to trustworthy resources.
$550 for PDF format directory


Full Service Assistance: Traditional buyer’s assistance package. We find all potential horses, schedule appointments and travel with you for trial rides, negotiations are done on your behalf, arrangement of trial periods, pre-purchase exams, and transport, professional evaluation rides while the horse is on trial, presence at the pre-purchase exam, and interpretation of pre-purchase exam findings are all included in this package. Your regular trainer will be kept informed through all phases of the search and buying process. Package is good for up to 6 months of search but can be extended monthly. Individual evaluation rides and/or trips can be scheduled. Individually purchased rides or trips are to be within 50 miles of our base location, additional mileage will be charged per mile.

$750/6 months of search

$100/month extension of services

$60/individual trip and/or professional ride (up to 50 miles from base location)

$1.00/mile after 50 miles

*Any travel expenses, hotel, gas, meals, flight, rental vehicle, etc. will be the responsibility of the client.



For additional information, submission of videos, or questions, please contact us: