Storybrooke focuses on training during the formative years, from imprinting through backing and starting, though horses of all ages and training levels are welcome. Storybrooke can create an individualized training regime to best suit the horse’s needs as well as their owner’s goals.  Each horse is kindly educated in ground etiquette, under saddle in the ring, as well as on the trails.  A calm, confident, partner is one who has received a well-rounded education.


In addition, Storybrooke offers a specific training program for of the track Thoroughbreds.  Our trainer has 20+ years experience with OTTBs , selecting them from the track, and developing them for successful second careers.  We strive to produce the timeless and classic Throughbred hunters.  Owner/Head Trainer, Stephanie Carter, has been selected to be one of 480 competitors at the 2016 Retired Racehorse Project Championships in Lexington, KY.  CANTER, Blue Blood, and New Vocations, and other TCA adopted horses receive a 15% discount on their training board packages.


Training Board:  $875 per month





*Offsite lessons and training available.  Travel area includes the Triangle region, all parts of Onslow county and Wilmington.